Counselling aims to help you explore issues that matter to you. Its by being given the time to talk with someone that will listen to what you are saying, accepting you, I would not tell you what to do but together through the counselling relationship it can help you move forward in life.

Counselling can be used in many ways it is not just about problems because it can help you find out who you are and for you to become the person you want to be.

Counselling sessions usually take place once a week and each session lasts around 50 minutes. The first meeting will be an initial assessment, this is where you and I will decide jointly if we can work together also in the assessment we can work out how many sessions it is going to take. I can work short or long term depending on your needs.

Person Centred Counselling

This was developed by Dr Carl Rogers (1902-1987)and was an advanced approach at the time(1940's-1960's).
It is an approach that puts the individual at the centre of the process and is based on their views and wishes.
The approach is not only used in psychotherapy and counselling but today it's principles are applied in Patient care, Teaching, Child care and Management.

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